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I Have No Choice But To Declare The Kentucky Game Under Protest Thanks To These Bullshit Shenanigans

What the hell is this?!? Do you know how important this game is to me, NCAA? And by me I mean 100% myself and the Kentucky players and coaching staff. Now we can't even get a proper warmup in because of the broken rim? Meanwhile Providence is doing whatever they want! It's not fair! It's some bullshit shenanigans. 

I didn't want to do this but this game is officially under protest until I decide it no longer is. I don't want to make this about me, but this is the most important game of the year in all of sports to me. Now I have my team all out of sorts and Mitch Barnhart all pissy. Not fair! Not fair at all! 

1 game. 40 minutes. Please, I'm begging you, don't play and coach like assholes. One win, one game at a time. But this is not what I wanted to see. I don't want to see my guys dribbling around because of this JV operation. I have no choice but to lose my mind.