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Bold Strategy: Iowa State Had The NCAA Investigate A Rim Before Its Game, Refused Extra Shooting Time, Scored A Whopping 41 Points

I can't get over how bad this Iowa State showing was. It wasn't like oh, hey, they had some good looks. Sometimes they don't go in and you still shoot like 40%. Nope. Not Iowa State. They shot 23% from the field. They scored 41 points against an okay Pitt defense. Not like Pitt is some elite defense either.

But this goes back to the pregame decision. How dumb do you have to be if you're Iowa State? You have the NCAA investigate the rim. They make a minor change. Then you refuse extra shooting time! That right there is where the loss happened. Never been more sure of something after reading that report. You always take extra shooting time. It's the NCAA Tournament. You don't want to make sure the rim is still comfortable to the eye of the shooters? I don't care if your team only has 2 shooters like Iowa State, you still gotta make sure. 

Good news is that Iowa State has a Chief Energy Officer to keep the vibes up after the loss though: 

Best part is that guy transferred after playing football at Kansas. Dude is strictly the CEO for vibes only. I know college teams do things like this all the time, but hilarious for this report to come out as Iowa State is just throwing up bricks. 

And, hey, credit to Pitt. They are officially back (for this season). They can stay back if they stop wearing those trash jerseys and wear their standard awesome ones.

Ryan Hunt. Getty Images.


Look how gorgeous those are compared to this

Chris Carlson. Shutterstock Images.

But, hey, at least now we get Sean Miller vs the school he played for. Still can't believe Mille is the guy who made the pass to Jerome Lane for the greatest call of all time by Bill Raftery. 

Iowa State, woof.