I Celebrated St Patrick's Day By Taking Shots With Conor McGregor

Listen, you've probably seen this video by now - but this was pretty big for me, so I'm gonna repost is one more time this week. 

It IS St Patrick's Day after all, and this WAS a Top 10 video in the world this week.... 

(Now over 700k views!)

Quick story about doing shots with McGregor - if you know me, you know I'm not much of a drinker. I'll have a High Noon or a ginger ale/vodka every now and then, but my shitty little tummy just can't handle much else. I'm exactly the person I look like I am.

Anyway, we recorded this interview at like 8pm Vegas time on Monday night, and from the moment I woke up (about fifteen hours earlier) - I hadn't put anything in my stomach but some water. You may say, "That's stupid of you!" - and I'd agree!

I just didn't know when the interview was happening or if I could or should order food to the UFC Apex, so I didn't, and figured I'd just eat at the airport later that night. 

Now, when Conor McGregor offers you some Proper 12 and a whack of the Forged Stout, you don't say no - but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous that I would puke in front of The Notorious. I mean, could you imagine???

You can actually see me roll my hoodie sleeves up as soon as I put the shot of Proper down (which I did incredibly smoothly, by the way) because I didn't expect that warm whiskey rush at all and thought it was my body telling me the liquid gold was coming back up….

That was the fourth shot of whiskey I've ever taken in my life. 

I had one when Proper No. 12 first came out, two on the College Football Show at Army/Navy last year (Pete missed the first shot and I had to redo it), and this one. I just wasn't ready for it!

Then out came the Forged Stout, which apparently comes with the challenge of chugging down past the label on your first sip. 


Honestly, that was asking way too much of me after I had just completed my personal Mount Rushmore of whiskey shots, and I only made it TO the label on my first sip, but Conor was cool about it….

I was definitely feelin the buzz after that interview - and thanks to me having the tolerance of a middle schooler, I can now forever say that I went to Vegas for a couple hours and got drunk with the Champ Champ, Conor McGregor.

By the way, did you know it's St. Paddy's Day and not St. Patty's Day?

Paddy = nickname for Padraig, which is 'Patrick' when anglicized 

Patty = burger patty/a slang nickname for women.

Just a little fun fact to end this blog on. Thanks for reading.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who watched the video and said super kind things in my comments/replies/DMs over the course of the week. I can't possibly get back to everyone but it was definitely an awesome cherry on top of the interview to hear so much positive feedback.