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Give This Kid Who Tackled and Injured Def Leppard’s Drummer, Rick Allen, For No Reason, The Electric Chair

ABC- Fort Lauderdale, Florida, police have charged an Ohio teenager with felony assault after he allegedly attacked the drummer for the rock band Def Leppard.

According to police, 19-year-old Max Hartley is accused of assaulting Rick Allen on Monday while Allen was standing outside of the Four Seasons in Fort Lauderdale smoking a cigarette just a day after the band played at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel.

Allen lost his arm in an accident in 1984 and has been playing the drums with one arm ever since.

Hartley allegedly came up from behind Allen and threw his head to the ground, according to a police report reviewed by ABC News.

When a woman tried to interfere, Hartley allegedly began hitting her and then dragged her by her hair, according to police.

The police report states that Hartley was caught a short time later. He has been charged with abuse of the elderly or a disabled adult.

There were no contacts listed for him, but upon being released from jail on bond he did not offer a comment to a local news station.

Do you know what a gigantic loser you have to be to think doing something like this is not only "ok", but cool

You're also a gigantic loser if you're friends with somebody that'd do this FYI.

This moron will chalk this up to "Spring Break bro", no doubt, pay his fine and think he's going on his way. But he has another thing coming once he finds out that the innocent guy he tackled for no reason, Rick Allen, is a national fucking treasure, if he hasn't already.

I mean the guy only has one arm and he's still one of the best drummers in the world.

There's a very strong chance Rick Allen fucked this kid's mom after a show when she was younger, which would either be sweet justice, or a decent motive for the attack, and there's an even stronger chance that this kid's father is a huge fan of Def Leppard and will dole out justice via the beating of a lifetime to his shit head son.

The punishments in this country aren't fitting the crimes anymore because nobody's afraid of doing anything. If it were up to me I'd give this kid the electric chair and tag all his friends on tiktok but maybe that's a bit extreme? Maybe we should let Allen use a hammer to play the drums on this kid's nutsack instead?


p.s. - this piece on Allen is pretty awesome. He's an incredible guy.