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We Lost A Legend Today In The Acting World - RIP Lance Reddick

The Wire is the greatest television show of all time. There are legendary characters galore but one of the truly best was Lance Reddick's role as Major Cedric Daniels, a educated lawman who makes his way up the ranks in the Baltimore Police Department as the head oft the Major Crimes Unit. 

Sadly, today we lost Lance at the way too young age of 60. His cause of death is unknown. 

Lance grew up in the city that he'd work in on the Wire. Some of his best roles were actually before the Wire though, on shows like the Corner where he played a drug addicted lover of one of the main characters Fran. The Corner was a CRIMINALLY underrated show and walked so the Wire could run. He also had a role in the gritty prison series OZ, a show that set off many great series on HBO. 

He's probably most well known for his role as Daniels on the Wire... lets relive some of his best scenes. Spoilers ahead... RIP Lance

His short dialogue in this season is CLASSIC… his facial expressions would end up becoming a memorable meme: 

His role as a undercover cop to prisoner in OZ