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Radio Broadcaster Bill Rosinski Makes A Complete Ass Of Himself While On The Call For The Xavier-Kennesaw State Game Explaining A Transfer Situation With Zero Facts About What Actually Happened

I'm not really a get on the high horse type guy but if you are going to try and have a strong take, at least make sure you have some facts to back it up. Westwood One Radio broadcaster Bill Rosinski decided he was against the transfer portal and was going to make comments against it no matter what. And he did just that. As you listen to the clip he makes a mention of Jack Nunge "deciding to play a year here and then a year there" as if he made the decision to leave Iowa to suit his own needs. That couldn't be further from the truth. 

The real story is Jack sadly lost his father during his time at Iowa and transferred to be closer to home. 

Look, I don't really care about the transfer portal, or why people leave a school, or if you think transfers are a good thiung and a bad thing. The one thing I have learned is there are no definitive answers on issues. As in something is good or bad. If you say "transfers are bad" that's your prerogative, but for every 10 dirty back door deals or a sneaker guy, or AAU coach influencing a kid to make a move, there's 1 Jack Nunge who had to leave the team he grew up rooting for, after losing his father to be closer to home. You think he wanted to do that ? You think that's how he drafted up his situation and plan in life ? I didn't think so either. But the problem in media today is you can say something like this about a kid, and people then get to believe it without any real representation of what actually happened, which couldn't be further from the truth. Also, this moron Bill Rosinski didn't prepare for the game by knowing the story, or will he have to retract this statement and apologize. 

It's just a shame this dope decided way before the game what he was going to say , and that he gets to make it look like Jack Nunge did anything but try to be the best son and brother he could be during the worst time of his life. It's as shame Bill Rosinksi didn't get the real story of what kind of kid Jack Nunge is because I can bet you for a fact it's much more interesting then the version Bill cooked up himself. 

Some things are bigger than sports … Go Xavier