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Jerome Tang Is The Ultimate Good Vibes Coach, Simply Won't Stop Dancing His Ass Off During March

Kansas State is one of the most puzzling teams in the country to me. Their analytics aren't great - top 25 - for a 3 seed. But they keep finding ways to win. I know a lot of people are on Montana State catching the points tonight, but how do you see this and not want to take Kansas State? This is the ultimate good vibes coach. Other coaches are worried about staying loose meanwhile Tang won't stop shaking that ass.

We already saw him break down Wabash Cannonball this year: 

Now the video from the locker room is from March 13. Just getting the vibes right for the NCAA Tournament. I love that it's not even before a game. This is just Jerome Tang hyping his team up. Then he mixes it up on us with a little Sam Hunt dancing during practice. 

I say it all the time but in March you gotta figure it out. You gotta have good vibes and good juju. That goes from the head coach all the way to fans. You do whatever it takes to get your team a win. Good luck t-shirt? Slap that baby on no matter what. Dance your ass off? Act like you're in Footloose, I don't care. 

Jerome Tang, ultimate vibes guy.