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Antoine Davis Had A Hell Of A Career, But Detroit Desperately Trying To Create An Event For Him To Break The NCAA Scoring Record Is Pathetic

Come on Detroit. Listen, Antoine Davis is awesome. He's one of the best scorers we've ever seen at the college level. He finished just a couple buckets away from breaking Pete Marvaich's record. Awesome. We all can agree that's ridiculous any way you look at it. 

But this?

This is just getting pathetic. You can't try to create events just so he can break the record. You had your chance, should have won at Youngstown State. There's no shame in being second all-time. Like I said, Antoine Davis is/was awesome. .Some records aren't meant to be broken and I honestly have no idea how you beat Maravich's record. It's nearly impossible. Shit, it took Antoine Davis 5 years to get close to it. We won't see that many Antoine Davis' again in our lives. 

Now beyond this, there are far too many postseason events. We don't need 6 different events. There should be the NCAA and NIT, strictly because that's how it's always been. No more being UNC either. You shouldn't get to decline a bid just because your season sucked. You go play and try to make wherever they put the NIT Final Four each year now that it's no longer in MSG. The PS8? What are we doing here? 

Two things can be true. We can celebrate Antoine Davis' career and talk about how good he was while also calling this pathetic. Because that's exactly what it is.