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Genie Bouchard Is Here To Wish You A Very Happy St. Patrick's Day

(I'd suggest a swipe to the right on the above picture)

 First order of business. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our fellow Irish out there as well as to those who just plan on throwing on green and hitting up a bar to watch March Madness. No two ways about it, this is a tremendous day to be alive. 

Secondly, we need to have a quick discussion about Genie Bouchard's post above. I love Genie. PFT once askedher  if she'd date me while recording  PMT without consulting me and she didn't say no. It's one thing to go on a date with Genie Bouchard, but to basically reject/ignore her? Alpha city. Anyways, are we calling that bikini green? Check out the second picture and come back to me. I appreciate the post and being in the festive mood, but we can't let that slide, right? I mean that's more blue than green. This is green. 

Very confusing times. 

Regardless, Happy St. Paddy's dad. Let's have a day. 

Obligatory more Genie Bouchard appreciation to send us home. 

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