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Philly Weatherwoman Kicks It Over To Traffic Reporter Jessica Boyington, Who Apparently "Likes To Be Double Fisted"

There are only a few small letters that differentiate "fisted" from "fisting". But the meaning of the two of them? Well they are WORLDS apart. 

Double fisting is just getting a little rambunctious on a drinking holiday and gassing a couple pints of Guinness at the same time. It's light, it's happy, it's a jolly good time. Binge drinking be damned, there's certainly nothing wrong with double fisted. 

But double fisted? Woah boy. Well that is engaging in some of the most hardcore intercourse you ever did see. I mean just a singular fisted is pretty nuclear. But double? My lord. Our girl Karen Rogers couldn't have thrown Jessica Boyington more violently under the bus there if she tried. 

Just gals being dudes. What's better than that?

Sidenote: Thank GOD there wasn't a weatherman on duty this morning. That takes this video from a funny little phrasing mishap to a lawsuit.