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This Subtle Haircut From A UCLA Bench Warmer Simply Has To Put The Bruins In The Final Four

Subtle. That's all I can think when I see this haircut on Logan Cremonesi. Hey, when you're averaging .1 points per game this season and played in 9 games you only have one thing to do. Gotta support the team. But now, now, you put all the pressure on UCLA. They have to make a Final Four otherwise you look like a complete asshole. If you make a Final Four with a haircut like that, hey, at least there's banner talk. You become a bit of a cult hero for it, especially at UCLA where dedicated fans fill Pauley a mere 10 minutes into the game. 

I do sneaky love this UCLA team. You have Mick Cronin coaching in LA which still makes no sense to me. Come back home to the midwest, Mick. Know your roots. But he's got them rolling. That's because Jaime Jacquez is the perfect college basketball player. Been around forever, can do just a little bit of everything well. Then there's Tyger Campbell, same thing but as a lead guard. However, I know the injuries, Amari Bailey is the guy for me. He's the NBA talent. He's the 5-star. He's the 3rd guy that's prime to breakout this NCAA Tournament. 

Just what a look though. UCLA better keep winning. Can't be the guy with bear paws on your head and get upset.