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Marc-Andre Fleury Proves He's The Biggest Beauty In The League Trying To Fight Jordan Binnington While Mic'd Up

This guy. 

Talk about a showman. All Marc-Andre Fleury cares about is giving the people a good show. I just checked over on the Gametime app and while you can still get some tickets to tonight's Blues game for as cheap as $32, there are some tickets that run you north of $300. Marc-Andre Fleury just wants to make sure that everybody is getting their money's worth. You pay that price to get into the door, you're expecting to see a show. And Flower wanted to give it to them. 

And not just for the folks in the barn, but for everybody back home watching as well. He knows that Binnington is always running his mouth. He knows that Binnington is always trying to play the deranged psychopath nut bag role. He knows that he's always talking a big game about fighting but never actually ends up going 1v1. So he wanted to finally give Binnington his chance to back it up. It'll be fun, no? Apparently the NHL just hates fun. 

Easily the best part about the whole ordeal, though, is the fact that Flower gets self-conscious about how his hair looks when he takes off his helmet. That's how you know the guy is a beauty's beauty at heart. He'll let the helmet hair fly if he's going to be letting the fists fly a bit. But if he's just skating around in circles getting gripped up by the refs? That's gonna be a tough look. He knows how many cameras are going to be on him at that moment and he can't have his hair looking like shit. It's bad for the brand. Especially when we're only a few days removed from the 2023 All-Hockey Hair Team being announced.