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Nothing But Respect For The NKU Band Director Who Gave It His All And Left It All Out On The Floor

Some may call this guy a hardo, I disagree. You listen to Lit's classic My Own Worst Enemy and show how you react. Correction, you listen to that song at an NCAA Tournament as your plucky 16 seed NKU Norse keep it close and see how you react. He's a showman. He's there to inspire the players, make gestures at the band. 

Impossible to prove this didn't have a positive effect for NKU. They were right there at halftime: 

They were in it the entire second half too. 

Again, it wasn't like they shot the shit out of the ball like we typically see with underdogs. They just didn't let Houston rebound .. which was weird. They turned Houston over a bunch too. It almost looked like Houston can see all the pressure they have to make a Final Four as a 1 seed. It's just one game, but NKU is a team that Houston should beat the hell out of. They didn't.

Then there was the Sasser decision. I'm shocked they played him since he was a game-time decision. It went as poorly as you could imagine: 

He never came back to the game. Now you get Auburn in Alabama? Yeah, you better get right for that game.

But this is a blog of respect to NKU and the band director. Credit where it's due. I thought for a little bit we might have a UMBC situation on our hands. Every time NKU answered and kept it around 5, it just seemed like they had a chance. Thought there would be green Skyline all over the greater Cincinnati area on St. Patrick's Day.

Gotta give it up to NKU and the band director. He left it all out there. All heart. 

PS: My Own Worst Enemy always, always plays.