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Princeton Pulling Off The Massive Upset Of Arizona Officially Welcomes Everyone To The Chaos Of The NCAA Tournament

Holy shit, they actually did it. Arizona, even as banged up as they are, were predicted to be at least an Elite Eight team. But welcome to the new normal. The new normal of 15s beating 2s. We've seen it each of the last 3 years (fuck) and it still blows my mind. Maybe it's just the fact that for 30+ years there were so few. Not anymore. It's almost like which 2 seed collapses and that's what happened here. 

But still, holy shit. That's all I can sum up. I mean it's not like Princeton was drilling a ton of threes. They just took away everything from Arizona besides Tubelis. There was no spacing for Arizona. There was no hero. Princeton just kept running its offense and staying close enough to make Arizona get tight buttholes. It showed. Arizona was doing absolutely nothing on offense. 

Like I said though, this just feels like the new normal. Mid-majors are winning more. Upsets are happening more. Some of it is the experience and transfer portal. Some of it is the fact 16s are in the play-in game and 15 seeds are a little better. But regardless, it still shocks me every single time. 

At least Arizona is used to this. They lost to Steve Nash back in the 90s as a 2 seed. This Tournament just always delivers man. I mean every year we say to expect chaos and every single year it gets weirder and weirder. Think about today alone - Furman over Virginia and now this. 

Always March man. Always.