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Alabama Does What Virginia Couldn't Do Against UMBC In 2018 And Beats A 16 Seed Like All 1 Seeds Should Do...Even With An Awful Bad Beat To End The Game

First up, don't bury the lead. This is about as bad as a beat as you can get. Just awful awful awful non cover from The Tide. So bad it sent our guy Big Ev to the rage room. 

Horrible non cover. No excuses. Have to play the full 40 minutes and cover the number. 

Now onto the game. Not really going to go crazy and get excited for a Round One win when you are the overall #1 seed in the tournament. But there was a lot to love today. First off Bama looked like a dominant team from start to finish. 5 guys in double figure scoring, lock down defense, and way more athleticism than an inferior opponent. 

96 points and Brandon Miller didn't score. That's not even a worry to me, that just shows how deep and how good this team is. The best player in the country doesn't score and The Tide still have 96 on the board? That's just dominance. It's what 1 seeds are supposed to do. I would say all one seeds have done in history, but I would be lying. Some 1 seeds, not naming names, are pathetic programs and actually lost outright to a 16 seed.  

Damn …. what a sad day to be a Virginia fan. 

Couldn't be me … 

Great day for the Tide… onto the round of 32.