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Tough Scenes With Our Resident Idiot Virginia Fan Jake Malasek

For those of you who don't know him, Jake Malasek is one of the social guys here at Barstool. He is a lot of things, he's nice, he's well mannered, he dresses well, he works hard, he recycles, and he's a good person. But he is also a blindly biased Virginia die hard fan and for that reason he is DUMB !

All this guy wants to talk about is Tony Bennett and his slow ass offense and the one title he won because he played in a region of the slowest teams possible and got a lucky break. All Malasek talks about is Virginia can make a run in March, how great their brand of basketball is, yada yada yada. What he won't tell you about is how watching this team play offense is like watching old people have sex. It's slow, it's boring, and it makes you want to rip your eyes out. What he won't tell you about is the fact that Tony Bennett is the only person to lose to a 16 seed. He's also lost to Ohio 13 seed in the 1st round as a 4 seed, he lost this year again to a 13 seed. THE GUY IS OVERRATED. His teams stink ! And here was Malasek BLINDLY saying the Hoos were a great basketball team, you don't want to see the Hoos in March.  He's dumb ! Do you watch this team ? Do you have a brain ? Do you realize the game of basketball has evolved to fast offense ? Don't you like scoring points ? Moronic. 

Look at how wrong this kid was folks ... 

What a dope ! Again … a great guy but a total dope. Enjoy the rage room pal 

Malasek may be a dope, but he's not as big of a dope as the guy who threw the pass. He's a major dope.