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March, Baby. March - Furman With A Ridiculous Ending To Win Thanks To A Blogger And Kiehei Clark's Insanely Stupid Play

Holy shit. What an ending. I mean what the hell is Kihei Clark doing besides thinking it's Purdue all over again? 

Furman looked dead. As someone holding a Furman ticket I'd like to thank Bob Richey, Jalen Slawson and JP Pegues for making me look dumb. 

Like I said in that blog (from the 1st half) you can't call a game dead in March. 2 games in, 2 teams declared dead won. Shout out Bob Richey though. His adjustment to go to the 1-3-1 zone was just so smart. It basically caused Virginia to haywire and let Furman back in it. Then on offense he went more to strictly dribble handoffs. That's how you beat Virginia and put Furman in the right spot. It was genius. 

Then, thankfully, Kiehei Clark made one of the dumbest plays I've seen. You've been in college forever man, launch that ball high and long. Can't be tossed like that and give Furman a chance. But what a shot by Pegues. That's what matters. He stepped right into that and nailed it. Big free throws by Garrett Hein before that too. Again, Clark went 1/2 from the line to open it up. Hein drills two and sets this up. 

43 years since the last Tournament and this is what happens. Paladins, baby. What a win.