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It's Official, Edwin Diaz Is Out For The Season With A Torn Patellar Tendon As The Baseball Gods Continue To Torture The Mets

After spending an entire morning looking at discourse on Twitter straight out of 2020, I know I'm not allowed to hate the World Baseball Classic because the players and a lot of fans in other countries enjoy it. But as someone whose baseball team has been negatively impacted by an exhibition because of a pitcher getting injured multiple times and don't find 90% of the games entertaining, I politely would like to tell the World Baseball Classic to get fucked. I know many fans get upset when I say that, but those same fans will be laughing their dicks off at the only baseball team I care about when David Robertson, Adam Ottavino, and whatever other relievers the Mets trot out there blow a save since their nuclear weapon got injured celebrating.

Anyway, Edwin Diaz is likely out for the season a year after giving Mets fans the most pleasant experience they've ever had with a closer. I would say it was cruel, but anybody that has followed the Mets for a minute of their life shouldn't be shocked. I don't know where the curse lies in this franchise, but it is something woven into the fabric of the team far deeper than anything Steve Cohen’s money can fix and must be purged somehow, some way. I thought KFC jerking off and jumping off a bridge during our Opening Day Gala last year fixed all that. Yet everything ended in heartbreak yet again despite a 101 win season. I now have "Break the decades long curse on the Mets" number one on my To Do List though.

Now while some more rational Mets fans will worry about if Edwin Diaz will ever be 100% again after such a devastating injury considering how important legs are to a pitcher along with the 9th inning likely becoming a horror show again in Flushing, I'm going to try to be the optimistic Mets fan (since positivity is my defense mechanism that allows me to continue rooting this fucked up franchise), which is why I am choosing to believe that Edwin may be back by the World Series if all goes right. And if it doesn't, I will convince myself that closer is a position you can get from a trade along with examples of teams wining a World Series without a stud closer. 

I am also not changing my prediction that the Mets will win 100 games and will still ask for a Mets Century Club Over 99.5 Wins bet to be placed in the Barstool Sportsbook before Opening Day, which I am sure just got tastier odds after this news dropped. If you aren't with us, you are against us. LFGM and SMD WBC.

P.S. Here is last night's Emergency We Gotta Believe where we discussed the fallout of Edwin's injury, threw a jab or 100 at the WBC, and even had Frank The Tank on for a civil conversation that included a visit from Dr. Fleming and Frank playing show & tell with his old Mets programs that I found delightful.