Paul Pierce Would Like The World To Know He Actually Didn't Poop Himself Back In The 2008 Finals (Wink Wink)

Jim Rogash. Getty Images.

Paul Pierce is a first ballot HOF player. He's a member of the Top 75 All Time team and one of the greatest Celtics to ever wear the jersey. Yet despite all of his on court accomplishments over his 19 year career, when it comes to Paul Pierce, he can't seem to escape this one story/rumor.

Pooping, or not pooping, his pants in Game 1 of the 2008 Finals.

In a recent sitdown with Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Marcus Smart, of course this came up. I highly recommend any Celts fan watch the entire thing if you're looking for some Grade A Celtics porn, but in terms of this specific topic, let's hear what Pierce had to say

First of all, I could listen to KG & Pierce together for hours. It always delivers. Second of all, here's the pickle Paul finds himself in that clip. He talks about not believing the rumors that he had to use the bathroom. The only issue with that is, Paul Pierce himself said that…..on national television

Now maybe Paul was just having some fun on TV and playing into the moment/joke. I suppose that's possible. It's also entirely possible Pierce has no recollection of even saying that on TV given it was back in 2019, so he went with the standard response that he gave for years whenever this topic came up. Listen, pooping your pants happens from time to time to a lot of people. I actually think coming back from a potential poop mishap is actually more impressive than coming back from a potentially sprained MCL

so I say just embrace it at this point. It's 2023, we don't need to be embarrassed about it. Not only did he come back and play a huge role in that win, but he was also awesome the entire Finals. At this point everyone already thinks you pooped your pants, so just lean into it. You can't one day say you didn't poop your pants, then go on TV and say you did poop your pants, and then 2+ years later suggest that you did not poop your pants. We as a society need some poop accountability. 

So unfortunately for Paul, you can't put the poop back in the butt. Even if it truly didn't happen, it basically happened at this point. Still love him, he's still my favorite Celtic ever, but he's not fooling anyone here.