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Furman Shitting The Bed And Forgetting How To Play Basketball Is Ruining Its Coolest Moment In 43 Years

This right here is the coolest moment Furman basketball has had in 43 years, considering it's the last time they've been in the NCAA Tournament. However, Furman, a damn good offensive team, looks like a mid-major. They are bricking layups, airballing open looks and just flat out stink today. 

Now, I know it's early. We can't call teams dead early. But it feels like Furman lost their chance. They had every opportunity but they just look ... scared. You even have Virginia in some foul trouble. You calmed down on the defensive side of the ball. But you can't have a guard going 1-for-3 from the free throw line. You can't have another guard constantly turn it over. Just slow down. Seems basic here. 

I know people don't care about dunks. But this is the NCAA Tournament. This is how you swing a game. An and-1 poster by your best player should swing it. I mean, hell, I guess Furman cut it to 1 in the first half before falling apart again. They couldn't even get a shot off to end the 1st half! Then the second half starts and they just start bricking again.

Figure it out fellas. As I hit publish this is an 8-point game that somehow feels like 20.