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Giannis Shockingly Claims Winning A Championship Is Better Than Sex ... But Only Sometimes

[Source] - But to hear Giannis tell it, it’s not the third MVP honor that he’s chasing. It’s the championship high that he managed to describe in the kind of way that might explain why he wants to feel it again.

“That feeling was one of the best feelings I’ve had, and I’m not even going to say what I’m thinking because it’s probably gonna go viral,” Antetokounmpo said with a sheepish laugh before finally revealing his PG-13 thoughts. “I’m sorry, but it’s better than getting intimate sometimes, you know what I mean?”

This is actually shocking, mostly because Giannis really, really enjoys having sex. 

That's why I'm happy to hear him clarify that winning a championship is only sometimes better than sex. Hey, I get it Sometimes you're not on your game. Sometimes you get a little too excited. Sometimes it just happens. But a championship? A championship is something you dream of when you're an athlete. Sex comes and goes, winning a title is forever. Print the shirts, Milwaukee. 

I love Giannis though man. I can't help it. He's just living exactly how a famous athlete should. Whether it's hopping around trying American fair food for the first time, cracking jokes or just being an all-around good dude, he's hilarious. I mean he could be a dickhead, he's a multiple-time MVP. He's one of the most dominant players in the NBA right now. Instead he's just acting like he's a regular ass dude. 

There's something perfect about Giannis being in Milwaukee too. It's just the right fit. No real reason behind it, maybe I'm just blinded by the fact he's been there his entire NBA career. But I can't picture him in a big time market team. He gets to stroll around Wisconsin and be the guy. Not a bad life. 

Just remember for anyone dreaming of playing in the NBA or being a pro athlete, winning a title is better than sex ... sometimes.