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Kirby Smart, Nick Saban, And Bill Belichick All Love Huge Asses...Let Me Explain

Sir Mix A Lot sung about it, people often comment peach emojis on Instagram pictures, and if asked under oath most people would admit, they like a nice big rump. It's no secret, which is why it comes as no surprise that three of the biggest names in the history of college football are all big ass guys. The kicker here is they aren't being distracted by the cheerleaders, the dance team or the women in the stands. These three legends are fixated on the tuchus's of defensive lineman . 

Wait what ? 

Giphy Images.

As the clip above explains, Kirby Smart tells the story of Saban learning from Bill Belichick that defensive lineman with plus size backsides pose an advantage that linebackers can hide behind them. It's one of those strategies or tactics I don't know are 100% true, but the guys saying it are much smarter than me so you just trust it. You have to. When those three guys speak you listen. So all you aspiring coaches out there start scouting big ass defensive lineman. Emphasis on the ass. 

Final point - I do think having a big ass is a better advantage in sports. My theory (adapted from my dad) has always been pitchers with big butts seem to have a great stride, and deliver pitches with faster speed etc. Again I have no real reason to know this is true but …. CC Sabathia was a fucking gamer and dude has a monster size ass. Makes you think … 

Jamie Mullen. Getty Images.