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These Two Men Going Mano a Mano at the Poker Table is What Poker Should Be



These two guys rule. This is what poker should be. Two men (or women!) dueling it out at the table. Mano a mano. Table talk, mind games, gum chewin, balls to the wall poker.



When you watch high stakes streams now, everyone is so buttoned up. Everyone is running sims through their brains, trying to figure out if they should bet 33% on the flop or 41% with that board texture. It's all robots and scarves these days. You don't see shit like this no more



You've never seen me lie ever! What a line. This takes you back to the good ol' days.


It's just beautiful. 


Little inside scoop for those of you who clicked this blog, I was invited to play in this game next week in LA



It's a 10/25 game with $2k min and $10k max. I think it's a must-play opportunity, even if it's a little bit above my bankroll. Especially considering Bryce Hall has never played poker before in his life…




Can't pass up this juicy of a game, right?

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