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Jordan Binnington Pumping Up The Crowd After The Refs Saved Him From Fighting Gets You An A+ At Clown School

Scott Rovak. Getty Images.

This fucking guy, man. I just don't get it. I don't understand how there can be anyone who respects Jordan Binnington in the year 2023. Talk about a guy who simply just does not get it. 


The Blues were up 3-1 at the end of the first period. 2nd period comes around and it all goes to shit. This was the 5th goal that Binnington gave up on the night. It looked like he was moving through quicksand from pipe-to-pipe, gets sniped by Hartman, comes way out of his crease after the fact and Hartman accidentally bumps into him. So what does he do?

He freaks the fuck out per usual without ever putting himself in any actual danger. He sucker punches Hartman in the face with his blocker, and then never puts up any real effort to get out of the linesman's grips to fight Fleury. He gets a match penalty and his night is done. 

So just to recap--he let up 5 goals in 33 minutes, sucker punched a guy in the face after getting scored on, never had any actual intentions of fighting Fleury, gets kicked out of the game, and then has the audacity to try to pump up the crowd?

This man is the valedictorian at Clown University. And then got dunked on a minute and a half later after Alex Goligoski extended the Wild's lead. Fortunately for Binnington, he didn't have to witness that since he was already walking down the tunnel back to the locker room. 

And I know there are plenty of people out there pissed off at the linesmen for not letting Binnington and Flower fight there. But you have to understand that even without the linesmen out there, Binnington was never going to fight. If there was nobody holding him back, he would have just gone right back into the scrum with everybody else to avoid the 1v1 beatdown. Linesmen are definitely nerds from stepping in there like that, and deserve all the ridicule they're receiving. But at the same time, we've seen this clown show from Binnington before and know exactly how it would have played out.