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After A Whacky And Wild Series Of Events, It Looks Like Darius Slay Is Staying With The Eagles After All

Tim Nwachukwu. Getty Images.

Well…that's a little awkward. 

I spent the majority of yesterday talking about how, realistically, it was the right call to move on from Slay. It's not like I ever said Slay isn't good anymore or anything like that. I called him a top 5 CB in the league. Seems highly complimentary to me. And any time you can have a top 5 corner on your roster, it's a good thing. I was just saying that you can't expect to contend for a Super Bowl every year if you're paying a 32-year-old corner the money that he wants to make. 

But if it's the money that Howie Roseman is comfortable with paying? Well I'd imagine that once the number comes out for this new deal, it's going to end up looking very team friendly. Because as previously mentioned, there's nobody in football who is better at making money moves than Howie. If Slay and his agent wanted to go around seeking trade offers to see what his market value is like, then by all means go ahead. If they come back with a preposterous number, then good for them. Go get that bag. Howie would never stop a man from making the money he thinks he can earn, and would gladly facilitate that move by releasing Slay and letting him sign somewhere else as a free agent. Which is what was reported yesterday morning.

But what happens if that ends up being a bluff? 

Slay and his agent wanted to use some negotiating tactics by seeking some trade offers. Howie wanted to use some negotiating tactics by saying "okay fine, we'll just release you if that's what you want". Neither side wanted to lose the other, but also neither side wanted to budge. It's starting to look like Howie Roseman won that game of chicken. 


Huge win for Howie here. Now you keep both of your starting corners AND you get to clear more salary cap space for next season? Dude is on demon mode right now. That also frees up what the Eagles can do with that 10th overall pick in the draft since they don't necessarily have to go after a corner anymore. 

Did Howie do it again or did Howie do it again?