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I Think Frank May Be Right The Mets Are Cursed

There’s blogs below detailing the injury to Mets closer Edwin Diaz . Give them a read, I’m sure Clem will have a great spin on this and try to stay positive , something I have tried to do with The Mets since Cohen took over , because he really has changed the culture here in Flushing. They spend, they have stars, they go get stars, they win (just not in the playoffs ) and he genuinely cares about this team taking over NYC . He’s a fan first and it’s a great thing. Helps he’s filthy rich too. 

It really is sick though that just when things go well for the Mets , the rug is ripped out from under us. Diaz finally got it together for us and was maybe the most reliable closer we have had in like forever, and he gets hurt celebrating in The World Baseball Classic, maybe the dumbest tournament in the world and something literally NO ONE cares about. NO ONE. 

I really am trying to be positive , but Frank is right. This team is fucking cursed and it’s just not fair. It really isn’t. We’re a great fan base, a knowledgeable fan base and a dedicated fan base yet we have nightmares of Timo Perez getting thrown out at Home, Duaner Sanchez getting hit by a cab , death by contact to The Fucking Royals, Connor Gillispie , and now Diaz and this celebration. 

What a disgrace. We don’t deserve this . 

Cursed .