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FUCK THE WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC!!! Edwin Diaz Got Injured While Celebrating Puerto Rico's Win Over The Dominican Republic And Left The Field In A Wheelchair

I am going to say this one time and one time only.


I know there are sickos that love watching an exhibition where people go nuts for their countries, superteams we can only imagine being formed, and normal folks leave their 9-to-5's to showdown against Major Leaguers. But as a fan of a Major League Baseball team, let alone one that is consistently kicked in the dick by the Baseball Gods, I see it as a giant opportunity for our best players to get hurt. Which happened now just like it did with JJ Putz right after the Mets acquired him.

Instead of a solid setup man, the Mets just lost their All Universe closer they JUST signed for a 5 year, $102 million deal. Because he was celebrating. In an exhibition (even if it's against another stacked rival All-Star team). While other people think of electric crowds and unreal showdowns, I'm going to think of Edwin Diaz writhing in pain, Francisco Lindor looking like he's in shock, and grown men crying on a baseball field because of an injury.

You know what, I'm gonna say it again.


Emergency We Gotta Believe podcast is live now. Fuck me and once again, FUUUUUUUUUUUCK THE WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC.