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Smart: FDU's Coach Gets Camera To Zoom In So Purdue Can Hear Him Say, 'The More I Watch Purdue, The More I Think We Can Beat Them'

This is one way to make sure everyone mentions FDU without making dick jokes or reminding people that they shouldn't even be in the Tournament. I mean, I don't blame them for playing, it's the NCAA's fault Merrimack isn't here, but the point still stands. And, hey, we've seen a 16 beat a 1. We've seen crazy upsets. No 15s over a 2 come to mind outside of Norfolk State over Mizzou, Oral Roberts over OSU, Lehigh over Duke and like Santa Clara over Arizona back in 93. Can't think of one more except Richmond over Syracuse really. 

Anyways, I get trying to hype your team up. I get you don't want to say 'hey we're likely going to lose this game 99 out of 100 times.' Because what's the point of saying that? You can't say that with the cameras around. But you for sure can't tell the camera to zoom in on you so Purdue can hear you giving them bulletin board material. Matt Painter probably woke up from a nap on his hotel couch to the news. 


I need to know what tape is he watching too. FDU is quite literally the smallest team in the field. Not that size is end-all, be-all. Just not the best thing when you're dealing with this guy. 

Michael Reaves. Getty Images.

I assume he sees this behemoth and figures he can spread Purdue out. I'm sure that's the first time someone thought of that.  

What's even better is after he goes on this tape rant, he keeps saying to 'be humble.' Bro, you just called out Purdue! Gotta lead from the front here. Save the talk for private sessions not when the cameras are in the locker room. Lesson number 1 of pulling off an upset is not to piss off the favorite. 

Good luck.