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Team USA Survives And Advances Out Of Pool Play Thanks To A Big Night From Mike Trout And Now Has Their Sights Set On Venezuela

We give him a lot of guff for not showing up in big situations, or even getting to big situations but last night Mike Trout stepped up when the red, white and blue needed him the most. USA was in a weird spot last night vs Colombia. They could lose and still advance, but fuck that. That isn't how we do it. They wanted to go out there and win and let people know they still have a pulse, and thanks to Michael Nelson Trout they did that. Trout went 3/4 and drove in all 3 runs the USA scored, he had a day. His two run single in the 5th was the big one that put the US over Colombia once and for all, but it was still a little too close for comfort. 

They didn't dominate pool play like we thought they would, we saw them abuse Canada but that is a team they should have killed. They laid an egg vs Mexico and were good enough against Great Britain, but they've got some stuff to work on for the next round when they play Venezuela who has a hell of a lineup. The pitching has to be sharp, it has to be. And the names USA is going to throw out there don't really scare anyone, they need their guys to leave it all out there. Trout needs some help too, someone else's bat has to step up this round. 

Nonetheless they are onto the quarterfinals, a spot we all expected them to be. And let's all give credit to Trout, hitting almost .500 and coming up huge in every situation he finds himself in. Pound Venezuela into the ground and let's keep this bad boy going. Saturday vs Venezuela, let's do it baby. God bless Mike Trout.