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Jimmy Butler Blasted Nickelback In The Heat Locker Room To Allegedly Punish His Teammates After They Lost To The Magic

[Source] - The sounds of Nickelback coming from the portable speaker inside the Miami Heat locker room were unmistakable. As the rest of his teammates and Heat staffers quietly showered, got dressed and picked over a postgame pizza spread following a 126-114 overtime loss to the Orlando Magic on Saturday, Jimmy Butler decided it was the the right time to pump up the volume on his stereo and blast the familiar sounds of Chad Kroeger's voice.

And Butler, who had just poured in a game-high 38 points in 39 minutes sang every word to each song.

Now you wait a goddamn second here with the punishment allegations. You're telling me this is a punishment? 

I'm starting to think Jimmy Butler is just jealous of Glenny Balls. He was the one on stage with Nickelback while also doing interviews with the biggest celebrities and OnlyFans stars. Sure, Jimmy Butler is what you would call rich and famous and gets to play basketball for his job, but in terms of jealousy, Glenny might have him. 

That said, this move is just so Jimmy Butler. Even more so with him singing every word. Actually, even more him doing this all after getting a technical because he left the floor early leaving the Heat with four players and him saying this: 

This is just the Jimmy Butler experience. But pick a less cliche band to attack here. I refuse to believe this is a punishment because Nickeback is fine. They aren't great, they aren't the Internet hate. They just became that. They are fine. There's a million other worse options you can blast if you want to punish your teammates. Blast some Sweet Caroline or Journey or some shit like that. Get that out of my face. 

If the Heat turn it around, they have no choice but to thank Nickelback.