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The New York Post Tried To Kill Me But Alas, I Am Still Here

The New York Post ran a story today highlighting some pretty suspicious deaths of anti-Putin folks. I'm not pro-Putin by any stretch but I also, as a golf journalist, haven't spoken much publicly on the matter. I was rather surprised, then, to see my picture included in this roundup. 


As classic as mixups get. I've been aware of this guy since seeing his name in the news last year, and obviously we're not making light of anyone's death here. But he didn't even spell it the same way—he spells it Rapoport, the same as that Ian guy, who I also am not related to. (I am also not related to Michael as far as I know, though I suppose we're all related if you go far back enough). How the photo editor didn't notice my "Common Man Country Club" hat or PGA TOUR lanyard and think, hey, maybe this isn't the Latvian-American anti-Putin investor who may or may not have been pushed out of his ninth-story building, is beyond me. 

Happy to report that I'm still here, safe in my second-story apartment in Brooklyn. The Post has also since updated the piece so that it's a picture of Rapoport, but they still have his name spelled wrong in the graphic.