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Grand Canyon Arrived In Denver For The NCAA Tournament To Find Out None Of Its Equipment Got There And The Team Has To Practice In Baylor Gear

College basketball teams: they're just like us.

I've never actually had a bag lost by an airline — I avoid checking bags unless absolutely necessary out of fear of this exact thing happening — but if that did happen to me, I'd be irate and highly unreasonable over losing some polos and quarter-zips. Now imagine that what's in your bags is an entire college basketball team's gear that it needs for the NCAA Tournament in 48 hours.

Shoutout to Scott Drew for helping out his brother to avoid Grand Canyon looking like a bunch of random guys playing pick-up as they're actually practicing for a Tournament game — though going out there in Baylor gear is far from ideal, too.

This is just classic college basketball shit. Even for the most important event of the year, you have teams practicing in another school's gear because they have no equipment two days out from possibly the biggest game these guys will ever play in their lives. It's remarkably stupid, yet beautiful in its own way. This is March.

Also, never forget when Virginia Tech wore Georgia Tech jerseys altered with Sharpie in an actual game.