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Barstool Sports Has A Chance To Beat Shohei Ohtani On His Own Turf Tomorrow Morning

Kenta Harada. Getty Images.

That's Shohei Ohtani. Everyone says he's the best player in the World and a bunch of other really nice stuff about him. 

He's Japanese. He throws really hard and hits bombs. The closest comparison in baseball history is Steve Nebraska portrayed by Brendan Frasier in the '94 classic The Scout. 

You can watch the full movie here if you crank volume and adjust the playback speed to 0.75: 

It's been a long time since I've posted Full Movies, mostly for liability purposes. Consider this a friendly reminder that I have a different gear when it comes to finding things on the internet. I got folders and skeletons and bodies all buried in precise locations. Take that for what it is. 

That said, we're not here to talk about anything other than Barstool Baseball having a chance to send the modern day Steve Nebraska home for good tomorrow morning. 6am EST and 3am my fuckin time. Team Italy is playing against Japan in the unlikeliest of match ups coming off a ridiculous opening round in Taiwan that saw all 5 teams tie at 2-2. Italy won the run quotient tie differential and with that, they're off to Japan to face Shohei Ohtani. 

Vinnie Pasquantino is Italy's first baseman and largely considered to be one of the best young hitters in baseball. He's also a close friend of the rogram and a remarkably relatable and funny kid. The kinda kid that's been reading barstool since high school and now finds himself making vlogs for us about his improbably journey to East Asia to compete in his sports' international competition. Trust me - he wants to be apart of this and he's going to give the boys (you, me, all of us) enough competitive moments to fuel us along the way. Please believe me now or risk the chance that I run it down your fuckin throat later. 

Nobody wants that. I know that. 

Pay attention now. 

In our latest episode, we got from beating Cuba to losing to Panama to destroying Netherlands to win the Run Quotient differential: 

It's been a wild ride so far. We've got a library of like 50 videos of Team Italy doing a bunch of shit behind the scenes. Guys getting drilled on purpose and pitch clock issues and home-cooking sabotage. Just an awesome look at something I'd kill a stranger to participate in. 

On another note. A closing note. 

People have been chirping. Not complaining or bitching. Just chirping that people are Sicilian enough to play for Italy. Or that there's too many Americans or whatever. Point of the whole tournament is to get the home countries something to be proud of to generate more interest. You send a lineup entirely 100% from The Boot and you're getting run ruled. I think the same goes for most European Countries that treat the game as a novelty. So stop being such a hardo and just try to enjoy the fact that we got an international baseball competition to talk about. 

Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 2

Episode 1

Thanks for tuning in. I think this is a much better product than me doing 3 hours of podcasting on something we could just get from the bull's ass anyways. 

Or the butcher's.

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PS - 

I'll be doing a live stream with Klemmer and Castellani and a slice of some other baseball guys tomorrow morning. 26 people concurrent and we'll call that a huge win. See you guys in the group chat