Canada And Mexico Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other 10 Years Ago (LIVE BLOG)

Canada and Mexico are playing right now in the World Baseball Classic opening round pool play. Big implications on pool standings if Canada can get a win but that's not really the point of the blog. I can't imagine anyone wants to be regaled with quarterfinal tiebreaker scenarios with a number of games remaining to be played. 

For now I just want you just ready and tuned up for the fact that these two teams hate each others guts. Mexico and Canada baseball got about as bad as beef as you're gonna see on the international stage. And I say that with no disrespect for whoever's coming after the Dominicans right now with all the passion and fury. That's a different blog. 

RIGHT NOW. I'm telling you guys in this Live Blog. Some shit could be going down. I legitimately got a truck load of Canadian buddies piled up in their fuckin hockey helmets ready to drop the gloves. 

Animals. All of them. These are the guys you go to war with (hypothetically) and don't think twice. 

On the other hand, I was at the game Sunday night and the Mexican crowd is every bit of rowdy as you'd expect. The Canadians definitely lack the numbers, but they're all Head On A Swivel so who fuckin knows how this one plays out. 

Ideally, I just want another Run Quotient tiebreaker. Ever since the Italians advanced at 2-2 with a late game Run Quotient move, I've been flat out addicted. Give me all of the Run Quotients. 

On the subject of which, here's another behind the look scenes at Barstool Baseball and Vinnie Pasquantino in Taiwan. 

I know the algorithms been a little chilly to Vinnie's story, but I'm telling you guys. It's very good shit. More on this later. For now let's worry about the Canadians and Mexicans beatin the ever living shit out of each other.