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College Hockey Player & Son Of NHL GM Goes Viral For Pushing Disabled Woman's Wheelchair Down Bar Stairs

As someone with a shamrock tramp stamp, permanent lip ring scar and slight police record I can say with full confidence that drunk college kids do stupid things. Unfortunately this past Saturday night at Sullivan's Pub in Erie, PA, a situation flew right past dumb and went straight to cruel. 

Erie lawyer Rick Filippi, co-owner of Sullivan's Pub, told the Erie Times-News that the bar was packed that night following the town's St. Patrick's Day parade and that,

"We were obviously disgusted to see this."

When bar staff got hold of the video it quickly made its way social media where it went viral, and the internet wasted no time in figuring one of the guys who did it. 

Apparently Carson Briere had been booted from Arizona State's hockey team in 2020 & transferred to play for Mercyhurst that same year. In a College Hockey News article about his second chance, he openly attributed his release from AZ State's team to "too much partying". He's also the son of former NHL pro Daniel Briere, currently the interim general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers.

No word yet on what the consequences will be, but Mercyhurst University replied directly to the video post with their own statement and police were seen visiting the bar this morning. 

There's also a GoFundMe for any costs towards repairing the chair or a new one if needed. 

A small reminder from a crusty old bar vet as the Saint Patrick's festivities ramp up - Go out, have fun, get that shamrock tramp stamp, but for the love of God don't go out of your way to fuck with someone else's good time, or their livelihood for chrissakes. (The internet will find you.)