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Scottie Scheffler Masters' Dinner Menu Just Dropped And It's Right On Brand For World #1

Atta boy, Scottie. High fast ball at 98. As timeless as it comes.

This right here may not be a flashy Masters dinner, but it delivers the goods. That's what Scottie Scheffler is all about. Guy shows up at golf tournaments, eviscerates the competition, and cashes checks. Bing bam boom, simple as that. Rarely see him anywhere but the top of the leaderboard. 

Same with this menu. It's got a high floor and is sure to leave golf's greats satisfied. Heavy hitters right down the lineup, none straying too far off line. I'll be damned if you're not dabbling with every single thing on there, even if just to get a taste. Gotta see what Scottie-style sliders is all about. Never seen a firecracker shrimp without grabbing a couple. Little tortilla soup mixed in to wash it down. And that ain't even the main course. Texas ribeye ain't never missed, and neither has that collection of sides. Family style mac me til kingdom come.

What really brings this thing home is the pazookie. That's right, cook that bitch right in the skillet and throw the ice cream on top. Modern take on a timeless classic. As can't-miss as it gets.

Does this get the blood flowing or what? Masters is right around the corner. Just a mere 3 weeks away from the best week of the year. You can damn near smell that Texas Ribeye on the grill and all the fixins. Cannot wait. Can. Not. Wait.