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"As An Analyst, I Don't Really Fuck With Your Approach" - Kevin Durant Has Once Again Decided To Take Some Shots At Charles Barkley

Andrew D. Bernstein. Getty Images.

As is the case with pretty much everything Kevin Durant does, I'm sure he'll be roasted and dragged on the internet for these comments. My guess is the Inside The NBA crew will bring it up tomorrow and around and around we'll go. 

As is also the case with pretty much everything Kevin Durant does, there's some truth in what he's saying. It's no secret that he and Chuck have gone back and forth at each other these last few years, especially about him not being a "bus driver" or whatever

It's all pretty exhausting to be honest. We get it, you guys don't like each other.

What I think KD and others get wrong is when it comes to Inside The NBA is that the purpose of that show is to be entertaining. You're not going to hear the most informed opinions all the time, these guys most likely aren't watching every possession of every game throughout the year like I'm sure a basketball junkie like KD might be. They sort of go off current narratives and run with it. Shit, half the time Shaq hasn't even heard of the players they may be talking about

so it's silly to get too caught up in what they say on TV. Just enjoy the show because it goes without saying it's one of the most entertaining shows in all of television history

I can't imagine too many people are tuning into Inside The NBA ready to hear some accurate breakdowns or commentary. We watch them be entertained. It's no different than sports talk radio, it's all for entertainment. 

As a player, I can sort of understand why that might get frustrating, especially for someone who lives online with KD. Casual fans hear what Shaq and Chuck say on TV then spam KD's timeline with it. That's how narratives start and gain steam, and I imagine that's pretty annoying if you're on the other end of it. I'd also say welcome to life in 2023. If it bothers you, don't look at it. 

There's really no winning in the KD vs Chuck debate, mostly because the public doesn't really give a shit what KD thinks or says. They'll just talk about fake rings or discredit whatever he's done in his career. With Chuck, you're talking about one of the most beloved sports figures we have, so that's a battle you're never going to win. Everyone sort of knows the deal with Chuck, he's going to say crazy things, he's opinionated, and he's entertaining as hell. 

So even if KD might be right here, it doesn't really matter. Chuck might be the most untouchable figure in media at this point.