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Businesses In Glendale, Arizona Say The First Two Days Of Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" Will Bring In More Money Than The Superbowl

This weekend kicks off Taylor Swift's long anticipated tour, starting in Glendale, Arizona. We're all excited because we'll finally get to know a rough cut of the set list, and of course those GOING to one or both of the concerts are going to have the time of their lives. The city of Glendale has even renamed itself "Swift City" for the week in anticipation:

I don't think it's so absurd to think that this weekend will bring in as much, if not more, than the Super Bowl. People have been IN Glendale all week, similar to the press before the Big Game, and there will be not one but TWO nights of pandemonium at the stadium itself. Every hotel is booked, every AirBNB is taken, the streets are flooded with Swifties, and they're looking to spend some money on themed cocktails. 

As of now, I don't personally have a ticket in hand. Everybody and their brother has told me "i'm taking you! we're going! don't worry about it! there will be tickets!" and that better be fucking true. I have so much anxiety over missing this concert that I'm ready to pull the trigger (NYC tickets outside of the nosebleeds are around 5 grand at the moment.) We'll see what happens. I've already started ordering outfits, so it has to happen now.