While Announcing His Intentions To Play For The Jets, Aaron Rodgers Took The Time To Absolutely Cook Adam Schefter

Big day in the football world with the ayahuasca man himself finally clearing up his future and declaring his intentions to play for the New York Jets. Must feel great for Jets fans that a few weeks ago he was 90/10 retired before entering the darkness. I will always love Aaron, but I'm not sure being the team a guy chooses after being in complete darkness for four days is a good thing. Obviously huge improvement from what they've been dealing with the last years and I don't blame them for the excitement obviously, but I don't know if I'd get the ticker tape parade ready. 

To the fun stuff, while mid-soliloquy in his thoughts Rodgers decided to absolutely cook Adam Schefter when talking about the reported "laundry list" of players he wanted to join him in New York. 


My goodness. The fake news brigade at it again. If there's one thing Rodgers really hates besides big Pharma it's reporters thinking they know exactly what's going on in his head. Schefter, Russini, Rap, you name it. Lose the man's number. Power bomb slam through a table.  

Schefter promptly confirmed the text

Incredible. Get fucked Schefty. 

The part I really got a kick out of was SportsCenter's twitter account crediting Schefter for listening to the Pat McAffee Show and hearing Rodgers announce his move. Something about all these high level reporters with all these sources having to listen to the show to report this news makes me laugh. 

Think Dave is looking for answers? Nope, he just wants to declare war. 


Would help the Pats if they chose to roster a single skill position player to get involved with that war, but having Dave constantly chirp Rodgers now might help. 

Anyways, glad this is all over, because it's over…right? Kinda. We don't know what the compensation is and according to PFF (Florio lol) the Packers are willing to wait until the NFL Draft in late April to get this done if it means them getting the picks they want. What a weird dynamic right? Rodgers isn't a Jet yet and the Packers still have to agree to the trade, but he just announced he's playing for the Jets in 2023. Does this give the Packers some leverage finally? Just get me at least one first rounder please. Make it conditional if you have to, but get me a 1. 

What we do know is that it's time for Jordan Love. As sad as it is to know Rodgers is not my QB anymore, it has felt like time for a few months now. Today wasn't exactly devastating or soul crushing because it was expected and sorta wanted. As much as Rodgers retiring a Packer should have happened, this is how the cards played out. Gotta do what you gotta do. Let's hope the kid can ball. No pressure!