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Did Tristan Thompson Weasel His Way Back Into Khloe Kardashian's Life for the 87th time?

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Tristan Thompson, as we are all aware, is a serial cheater. 

There have been rumblings on the internet that Khloe and Tristan are back together, but that Khloe doesn't want anyone to know.

If this is true then I don't blame Khloe for trying to keep this under wraps.

Tristan has publicly cheated on her many times, including when she was pregnant with their baby, with a family friend and accidentally getting another woman pregnant. 

So just imagine the amount of times he's done it without us everyday people us finding out.

I don't know if I'm just in denial, but I have a hard time believing she'd take him back. Yes, she did just post for his birthday, but as you can see "great partner" is no where to be found in her lengthy caption.

Do I think they're back together? No. Do I think he's trying to weasel his way back in? Absolutely. 

Stay strong Khloe!

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