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Pep Guardiola Says He'll Always Be A Failure Because His Idol Julia Roberts Visited Manchester United And Not City

I have so many different thoughts on this video. If there's one thing you can guarantee any time Pep Guardiola steps in front of a microphone, it's that whatever comes out of his mouth is going to be entertaining in some form or fashion. He's a hilarious weirdo who is also somehow one of the most brilliant soccer minds to ever exist.

I guess firstly, as a Man City fan myself, I would have preferred if my manager didn't get up in a Champions League press conference — it's worth noting this was following a 7-0 win to advance to the quarterfinals — and basically say United is the bigger club in Manchester. Simply can't have that. Imagine Auburn winning a College Football Playoff game and having Hugh Freeze talk about some celebrity that went to Alabama's facility years prior? That's poverty shit and it has no business coming from the manager of the best football club in the world.

But that part of it aside, why the hell is Pep so obsessed with Julia Roberts? I guess it goes back to him being an unconventional person, but the list of Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Julia Roberts is certainly an interesting one. Two of the most accomplished, competitive athletes of all-time and ... the star of Erin Brockovich? Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

I just need Pep to get his mind right for these last three rounds of Champions League. I don't want to hear another word about Julia Roberts until City has a UCL trophy, at which point Pep can talk about whatever weird shit he wants.