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BREAKING: Buccaneers Sign Baker Mayfield

Justin K. Aller. Getty Images.

The Buccaneers have officially signed QB Baker Mayfield to a one-year deal. The deal can be worth up to $8.25 million dollars with incentives. Baker is only 27 and per Marty Mush, he is elite, so I think this is a good signing. He is only 27 years old and was selected above guys like Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson in the Draft. He had four 3,000+ yard seasons with the Browns and in 2020 threw for 26 TDs to just 8 INTs. 

There are also some things that will instantly make football more enjoyable. 

1) He's not Jameis Winston

2) I'll now enjoy all the insurance commercials he stars in I'm bombarded with every Sunday

3) He can make throws like this

4) He once won a game after signing with the team that week. Imagine what he could do with an entire off-season

5) We now have the best dancing QB in the NFL. Let that sink in.

I will be have free rien to post these videos non-stop after wins or good plays.

He's a cool guy. A Barstool guy! Salt of the Earth! Even did a Pizza Review with Dave.

And any defender that tries to pick off a pass of his better be careful. It's a hazardous gig!