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Even The Knicks Can't Handle Success - Mitchell Robinson Took To Social Media To Complain About 'Just Being Out There To Do Cardio'

Now he follows it up with this:

God damnit. Can we just go one day without a little bit of drama? Mitchell Robinson posted this last night after the Knicks beat the Blazers to get to 11 over .500. They won 3 in a row again. Times are good, especially with Brunson hurt. Games are being won, that's all that matters. Again, the Knicks are 41-30. It feels weird typing that, but it's true! 

Yet here we are with our starting center complaining about just doing cardio. I don't even know what to say. I like Mitchell Robinson. He fits this team with what he can do protecting the rim and defensively. But come on man, you're the 5th option on offense. This isn't the first time he's said something like this: 

What the hell. That's all I can say. I want everyone happy on this team because, again, we're winning. Do you know how fun it is to watch your team - who typically sucks - win? It's awesome. This team is fun as shit too at full strength. You get all the emotions watching this team because they go from disaster to all of a sudden up 15. But, fuck it, run a lob to Robinson to start the next game. Maybe that'll help. 

Get all the good vibes back. Get Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson hanging out. Get the bench crew together. Let Immanuel Quickley just talk to people, that'll work. Do something, Thibs.