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Hell Of A Run For Dasha Lapushka: Gets Dubbed Most Beautiful Soccer WAG After Reminding The World About The Importance Of Vitamin D

This here is Dasha Lapushka, everyone play it cool and say hi. She's also the girlfriend of Italian soccer player Andrea Pinamonti. Some guys have all the luck. Get to represent your country, get to play in Serie A, get to be rich. He also has a girlfriend who reminds him of the importance of vitamin D. It's important because it helps for building bone and strengthens your immune system. 

Two pretty big things to have if you're a professional soccer player. Can't be running around the pitch with a head cold. That's the worst. Just sneezing, constantly drinking because you have a sore throat and then pissing every 30 seconds. Give me the stomach bug over that. At least you lose weight shitting your brains out. Get a quick 2-3 pounds off the scale. 

Not only did she do the world a service by reminding us of vitamin D but she was also named the hottest WAG. 

A run of good fortune for Dasha. Anywho, it would have been wrong of me to not pass along the importance of Vitamin D and congratulate Dasha on her queen title.