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Dan Orlovsky, For Seemingly No Reason At All, Announces He Uses The Same Shower Towel Roughly 30 Times Before He Washes It

You know what? This is one of those tweets I saw last night and immediately got a little bit of a smile because it's peak internet. A claim that will have people freaking out over towels. We ain't talking about football, we're talking towels. Dan Orlovsky hopping in as a reply guy to seemingly, for no reason at all, announce he waits until he showers 30 times to wash a towel.

Dan Orlovsky is a rich man and does this. That's perhaps the weirdest part of this all. He's not a 'normal' fella like the rest of us. He has a net worth of like $5 million (according to a quick google search). Do you know how many towels you can buy with that much money? He could get towels of different colors, different material, whatever he wants. He could have a closet full of towels if he pleases! 

Now I'm not saying you need to throw a towel in the wash after one use. That's just silly at this day in age. But 30? Every 2 weeks? Come on. Have a little respect and cut it down to once a week. I feel like that would be what most people say? At least guys here. It's like washing your sheets. Once a week always seems about the right number. 

And, yes, everyone has used this. But it's obligatory here: 

I agree - to a point - that the towel washes you. You're clean. It's not like you need to worry about that. But it's still a wet/damp towel. That bad boy can't be sitting out that long. It's insane here. Then it starts to get a weird smell. You can't have that smell. 

30 times. Absurd. Someone get Dan Orlovsky a new set of towels. Please.