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Some Guy Had An All-Time Freak Out At The Airport And Got Tased For His Troubles

Absolutely bonkers video. Take it from a guy who thought yelling louder and louder gets you what you want in life …. It doesn’t. All the times I yelled “supervisor… supervisor… SUPER VISOR !” while paying student loans or talking to the cable company never worked out. They would just hang up eventually or dig their heels in and ram me (metaphorically ) up the heiny with the few or the problem I was complaining about. A great reminder that “Life sucks get a helmet” - Eric Matthews. 

I see how this guy can be livid . 2 grand, no flight, tired, angry, stranded, whatever. I’m sure the 3 margaritas he had didn’t help the case here as they acted as lighter fluid for the fire within this guys soul that he decided getting a flight was worth committing a felony of trying to take on 3 cops at once and running from an arrest. Pretty moronic decision but maybe he felt invincible…. Spoiler, the taser reminded him he was in fact not invincible. 

Dumb move all around. Listen you can yell and scream man but everyone’s gotta know the limit. When he saw the 3 cops he should have realized they had his number. 

The underrated part of the story here is the guys name is Quigley and my man Quigs is in the cross hairs of clearing his good name. I can confirm he hasn’t left his bunker since the bracket was announced and is working on ways to beat Creighton. (Hopefully it goes better than when they played Clemson) . 

FREE QUIGS ! (Our quigs not this Quigley guy in the video he may not get out til Easter)