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Patrick Kane Scored What Was Arguably The Biggest Goal Of His Illustrious Career Last Night In New York

Bruce Bennett. Getty Images.

Patty Kane has had a big time career filled with plenty of big time goals. He's a 3x Stanley Cup Champion and he scored the Cup clinching goal in overtime of game 6 in 2010. But here's the thing--every single season, somebody scores what is eventually the Cup clinching goal. 

The Stanley Cup has been awarded 106 times since 1914. That means that 106 guys have scored a Cup clinching goal at some point in their career. Was it a big goal for Patrick Kane? I'm sure. But was it bigger or more historically impactful than this one he scored last night against Washington? Not a chance. 

In the history of the NHL, only 1 game has ever been simultaneously broadcasted as an animated version on Disney+. Literally a first of its kind game. Wayne Gretzky never played in a game that was broadcasted as animation. Bobby Orr never played in an animated game. Lemieux, Gordie, Jagr, you name it. All guys who have scored plenty of monster goals in their career, but never one that was broadcasted as an animation. 

Like I said, 106 guys have scored a Cup clinching goal in their career. But in the history of the NHL, only 7 guys have ever scored a goal in the Big City Greens Classic. And Patrick Kane is one of them. 

I know Chicago fans aren't going to love hearing it, but that is THE Patrick Kane goal. That's the one that separates him from the rest of the greats. Turns out all he had to do was get moved to New York to finally score the goal that defines his career. Look at how happy this guy is. 

Fire me up, Showtime. Fire me up. 

P.S. -- I am beyond devastated that none of these guys decided to drop the mitts last night. Would have been hilarious to see what an animated tilt would look like. I know if the Rangers didn't trade Reavo, he would have been up for it. Team is too soft now.