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I NEVER Would Have Thought Jameis Winston and Michael Thomas Would Both Be Saints Again

After basically missing 3 full seasons to injury, literally no one thought Micheal Thomas would come back to the Saints. But what could they get for Mike in a trade? Maybe a 5th rounder?

The Saints decided instead to keep Thomas on a one year 10 million dollar deal with incentives and I like the move. He restructured his contract and will not his the cap near as hard, He should be very motivated too but can he stay healthy? Only time will tell.

If I were Jameis Winston, I would want a one way ticket out of NOLA at this point after everything that has happened to him. Torn ACL, broken bones in back, sprained foot the list goes on and on. 

After not playing beyond Week 3 last season behind Andy Freaking Dalton, Winston agreed to re-sign to back up Derek Carr on a 1 year 8 Million dollar deal.

This means a couple of things. Obviously the free agent market was not good for him and he obviously does not hate New Orleans. There is nothing wrong with getting 8 million to be a back up either.

Instead of losing Winston and Thomas, the Saints Defensive Line got gutted losing David Onyemota. Kaden Ellis, Marcus Davenport and Shy Tuttle. That is an awful lot to replace and fomer 1st Rounder Peyton Turner better get his mind right to help living legend Cam Jordan.

Overall I am happy about the offseason and think Derek Carr was the right move. It is stupid for fans to expect the Saints to tank with veterans like Honey Badger, Cam Jordan and DeMario Davis on defense. They are in win now mode and are the favorites in the NFC South behind Derek Carr.