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Watch A Man's Soul Leave His Body As Mississippi State Bricks A WIDE OPEN Three (And Tip-In) To Win

Poor Brandon man. Then again, this is what you get when you live and die with Mississippi State athletics. You should be used to this. By this I mean bricking again a wide open look. You can't get more open than this:

It's very fitting to see Mississippi State brick this. That's what they do. This team stinks out loud at shooting. But it wasn't just the wide open - I can't stress how open he was here - three. The tip in would have counted. Jeffries was right at the rim, rushed it a bit obviously with the clock. But he just pushed it. 


Again, this sums up Mississippi State basketball this season. This game was played at their pace. They want to defend their asses off and make the game as ugly as possible. This game was uglier than .. well, you can fill in the blank. They had their chance to win. I mean, shit, that's a great play design. Went for the lob, that was taken away. Jeffries dove, that was taken away. You get a wide open look. You just have to make it. 

That said, I can't believe Pitt is here. This team was not expected to be good. Jeff Capel was expected to be fired well before they won a First Four game, that's for sure. But Blake Hinson, Nelly Cummins and Greg Elliott are legit. 

Poor, poor Brandon. Ring those cowbells.