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Highlight Of The First Four - We Got A Look At The Famous Northwestern Crying Kid All Grown Up Enjoying Some Horrendous Basketball

Oh my God, it happened. It happened at the First Four. It feels a little wrong for them not to show this kid all grown up at a Northwestern game, but still: 

Giphy Images.

I know he's Jim Phillips' son and Jim Phillips is now the Commissioner of the ACC, which somehow Pitt is in. I know it's been years but it still doesn't sound right or look right. Whatever. This isn't about conference realignment. This is about the fact this kid is now in college. Also pretty rude to make him sit through this game. I know it's close late here, but this game sucks. Just ugly and you have refs making up foul calls. Hideous basketball. 

That's how long it's been since Northwestern has made the NCAA Tournament too. The crying meme was the last time we saw Northwestern play in the NCAA Tournament. 

It's been a big year for popular memes growing up. I know, I know. Everyone grows up. Time. All that shit. But we're talking about one of the most used gifs and images this time of the year. Maybe Popeyes has more NIL money around.

I can't say with 100% confidence but just looking at the crying kid's hair he's either a lacrosse player or a quarterback in the SEC. 

In the words of Jake Marsh, wild.